For areas where privacy and sound control is required, you can count on Gladiator Drywall. The right acoustics make all of the difference in your home or business. Say goodbye to echo’s and sound transfer when you hire our acoustic professionals.  


We offer Level 5 finish and  recommended it for areas where severe lighting conditions exist and areas that are to receive gloss, semi-gloss, enamel or non-textured flat paints. Level 5 requires all the operations in Level 4. Additionally, a thin skim coat of joint compound, or material manufactured especially for this purpose, is applied to the entire surface. 

A skim coat of joint compound is intended to conceal small imperfections in joints and on the surface of the gypsum board to help conceal joints and create the appearance of flatness. A skim coat will also smooth the texture of the paper, minimize differences in surface porosity, and create a more uniform surface to which the final decoration can be applied.


Using drywall mud, we perform textured repair services. We can perform minor drywall repair by adding a solid piece of sheetrock onto the area where plasterboard is damaged/missing, and utilizing the mud and other sealants, complete the wallboard hole repair services.

We will finish with a final pole sand and thoroughly  we’ll make sure the surface is completely smoothed out and looks level with the rest of the wall’s surface. We can perform ceiling repair, bathroom wallboard repair, wallpaper improvement, or wallboard crack repair using this method. 


Has water damaged your home causing patches to form on your walls and ceilings? We know how to handle these jobs, and anything in between when you hire us for repair services.

At Gladiator Drywall we have the experience the right equipment to do the job. using sanders and drywall mud we can patch holes in walls. If you need us to remove the popcorn ceiling or repair it, we have the best equipment to do so.

We can help restore your walls and ceilings so that they look brand new when we are finished with the job.


We install steel stud framing on Southern Vancouver Island mostly for commercial spaces and retail stores. Steel studs are always true and straight, light weight, and they come in various thicknesses for strength and support. They work well for constructing walls and drop drywall ceilings in any residential or commercial space.

Steel studs may also be used to enclose ducting work, pipes, and exposed wires, and they are also great for building curved drop ceiling details. When metal studs are needed for building walls as opposed to wood, Gladiator Drywall offers steel studs in a variety of sizes to suit your building’s needs.


At Gladiator Drywall, we can install a suspended ceiling grid system in Vancouver and other surrounding areas. This type of ceiling is also called a T-bar ceiling, and it is most commonly used in commercial office spaces. It can sometimes work well in residential or industrial warehouse spaces, and is effective as a drop ceiling below pipes or other venting that runs under an existing wood or concrete ceiling.

There are many styles of ceiling tiles to choose from, and the grid can either be a 2×2 or a 4×4 system. Some tiles even come as a washable type which is ideal for commercial kitchens such as in a restaurant space. There are also tiles that come with an acoustical sound rating.

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